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Can you fix your computer by yourself?

What are you usually doing when you have problems with your computer? Do you call someone for help? Who do you call? Do you search online for “best computer repair service”? Or maybe you first try to fix it by yourself because you think that all in-home computer repair services are price prohibitive and the ones that you drop off your computer at take a week to fix it.

If it’s so then it’s ok, you have every right to fell this way, indeed most common computer problems can be fixed with minimum computer knowledge sometimes only turning your computer off and back on might fix the issue and that is why remote support companies are flourishing all over the web charging $50 to $100 for issues that you could have done yourself if you only knew how.

But if you can’t fix your computer by yourself, the remote support company can’t fix it, what then? Well, when everything else fails, usually that’s when the remote support company calls us, the field technicians, to go in and remove rootkit viruses, save the data from a corrupt hard drive, install the operating system, remove Windows passwords, etc.

Computer repair doesn’t have to be a 5 step stressful ordeal, it should not cost a lot of money and take a long time. Computer repair service should be one phone call away, computer repair should be affordable and it should be fast. Same day fast.

When in need, just give us a call! Function Square from Oceanside, California. Our in-home computer repairs and virus removal services have a flat fee of $79.99 and are most of the time performed in the same business day.

Sometimes you might find you really did not need a specialist, that’s why before calling one it might be a good idea to check and see if you can fix your computer by yourself.

In this site you will find some articles about some common computer issues we have encountered and how you can fix them yourself.